Many people have heard of artificial intelligence. But think of it as being applications they can use on “Smart” devices. Such as:

Alexa (Amazon)

Siri (Apple)

Cortana (Microsoft)

Google (Google Home)

Other people think of Artificial Intelligence. As being some futuristic technology. That will take their jobs away. In fact. The reverse applies. What Artificial intelligence will do is:

  • Take away the mundane, repetitive and time-consuming tasks. That many people are performing.


For as long as computers have been around. People are constantly fascinated with the prospect of creating intelligent computers.

The precise definition and meaning of artificial intelligence. Is the subject of much discussion. It can even be confusing. In spite of this. You can find examples of definitions of artificial intelligence. Listed in a number of dictionaries. These examples of definitions include:

  1. Artificial intelligence. Is intelligence demonstrated by computers or machines. In contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans.
  1. Artificial intelligence. Is a sub-field of computer science. That refers to a computer program. The computer program has the ability to. Mimic or re-create the thought process demonstrated by the human brain. This involves:
  • Solving problems.
  • Making observations.
  • Receiving input for use in analysis or problem solving, etc.
  1. Artificial intelligence adopts the concept that computers or machines. Can be improved to assume some of the aptitudes of human intelligence. Such as:
  • Learning.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Adapting.
  • Self-correction, etc.
  1. Artificial intelligence. Is the extension of human intelligence. Through the use of computers or machines.

What are Artificial Intelligence Techniques?

Artificial intelligence techniques. Are methods used to develop and create computer programs.

Artificial intelligence “programmers” can be utilised many different artificial intelligence techniques. However, the two most common techniques include:

  • The use of neural network, and
  • The development expert systems.

Neural Network

Basically.  A neural network. Is a series of algorithms that attempts to. Identify underlying relationships in a set of data. By using a process that mimics the way the human brain operates.

A key point of neutral networks. Is that it has the ability to adapt to changing input. This enables neural network to produce the best possible result. Without the need to redesign the output criteria.

Expert Systems

An expert system is a computer program that attempts to. Mimic the judgement, reasoning, and behaviour of a human specialist. Who has the knowledge and experience in a particular field.

In summary.  Although there a number of definitions of artificial intelligence. Most of the definitions can be classified into. The following four categories:

  • Systems that think like humans.
  • Systems that act like humans.
  • Systems that think rationally.
  • Systems that act rationally.


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